The Course will take place from Monday 12th May to Friday 16th May, from 6pm to 9pm on the Campus Mundet of the University of Barcelona. It is open to all educators who have enrolled in the Conference and who want to explore and share more deeply through a specific course on how to generate and sustain the energy of mindfulness in our personal and professional life. This will be an excellent opportunity to share, discuss and reflect on methods of application of mindfulness in our life as conscious educators; to create synergies and networks between professionals; nurture communities of conscious practice; learn strategies and useful skills to manage emotions and to cultivate the art of compassionate nonviolent communication in our daily life and with those around us.

The course will be taught by the Community of Monks and Nuns of Plum Village with experience in the Wake Up Schools international initiative. The sessions will consist of lectures and workshops on Mindfulness and reflective sessions for group sharing. Each day will be devoted to a specific topic to nurture the mindfulness of the educator.

MONDAY 12 – Basic techniques on how to embody and share the practice of Mindfulness.

TUESDAY 13 – Dealing with strong emotions.

WEDNESDAY 14 – Compassionate communication: Beginning anew

THURSDAY 15 – Turning the classroom into a family.

FRIDAY 16 – Building communities of mindfulness practice.

Those that attend the Conference and/or the Course will receive certification from the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE) of the University of Barcelona and Plum Village as joint organisers. Those that have attended both activities (Conference and Course) will also receive a Wake Up Schools (Level 1) Certificate accredited by Plum Village.

The registration process will be handled by the Institute of Education Sciences (ICE) of the University of Barcelona.

You can sign up here now:

We’ll be in touch soon to suggest various interesting accommodation options close to the University of Barcelona’s Campus Mundet.