Mindfulness Workshops

Transforming Stress and Pressure at Work

Learn and share how to recognize and take care of the energy of stress and anxiety, including short and simple practices we can include throughout the day to be aware of our body, listen to our thoughts, and relax body and mind.

Deep Listening and Compassionate Speaking

Learn and share methods that help us truly communicate with others and with ourselves. We will offer methods to improve our capacity to listen without judging or reacting, and speak lovingly as well as sincerely, from our heart, even with people we find very difficult.

Reconciling Difficult Relationships

The Practice of Beginning Anew: Learn and share methods for applying the the Plum Village practice of the Peace Treaty, Peace note and the 4 steps of Beginning Anew to refresh and heal our relationships.

Mindfulness in our daily life

Learn and share how to apply basic practices of awareness and relaxation in everyday life. We will address how to practice stopping, mindful breathing, eating, walking and working throughout the day to increase our peace and joy.

Cultivating Joy and Happiness in our Daily Life

Learn and share how to recognize the many conditions for happiness that we already have right now and ways to cultivate more joy, ease, gratitude and humour in our daily life.

Overcoming Fears of Separation and Loss

Learn practices that can help us cultivate non-fear and acceptance in the face of impermanence, separation and illness. Facilitators will share from their own experience of finding freedom in very difficult moments.

Creating a Group to Support your Practice

The support of others is very important if we are to continue mindfulness practice in our everyday life. We will share how we can start a mindfulness group with other teachers or friends that can support our practice in the long term.

How to Lead a session of Total Relaxation for children

Learn and share how to offer the practice of Total Relaxation to students, colleagues or your family, either sitting or lying down.

Helping children deal with strong emotions

Learn and share ways to help children recognize their emotions and understand and embrace them rather than react to them. Facilitators will also share Pebble Meditation, a Plum Village practice that helps children calm and uplift the mind.

Resolving Conflicts and Making the Classroom a Family

Learn and share how mindfulness practices can be applied to resolve conflicts at school and create intimacy, safety and togetherness in the classroom, so that it can become a second home, a true family.

Applying the Five Mindfulness Trainings

Learn and share about the five practices that represent a Buddhist vision for a global spirituality and ethic, a path of right understanding and true love, leading to healing, transformation, and happiness for ourselves and for the world. Concrete experience of how we can apply them in our daily lives will be shared.